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to pay for and operate a drug disposal program. i am announcing today committee assignments for this year. i appreciate the feedback and conversations that we have had over the last few days. these assignments reflect a balance of diverse perspectives and interests. i'm confident that we will work together well. and move forward legislation that addresses our numerous city challenges. for the budget and finance committee i knew chair would be supervisor farrell, vice chair will be supervisor mar. third member will be supervisor avalos. the budget committee will be augmented by supervisors breed and wiener. for our city operations and neighborhood services committee,
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i discussed with a number of you. i plan to introduce a motion to combine our cons committee with public safety to a new neighborhood services and safety committee. i will mention that that is the name we are using is a placeholder. if any of you have better more creative names , we are open to suggestions. the chair will be supervisor campus, vice chair supervisor mar, third member supervisor yee. supervisor kim will share the school committee. for government audit and oversight, chaired by supervisor chu, vice chair supervisor cohen, third member supervisor campos. land-use committee will be chaired by supervisor wiener, by shared by supervisor kim
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and i would join the member of the third member. rules committee will be chaired by supervisor breed. because we have a budgeting rules committee schedule for this week these assignments are effective this friday the thirteenth. for those of you who are chairs start to work on the agenda items. >> supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: good afternoon colleagues. i have several things that i will introduce today. first being two pieces of legislation that the mayor and i are introducing; introducing two ordinances to strengthen and expand our cities regulation of lethal firearms and ammunition. we have restrictions on the sale of hollowpoint and military style ammunition;
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we have requirements that vendors selling any type of ammunition keep records of individuals and amount purchases and make them available, and make this information available to the police department. these existing requirements and not go nearly are enough to regulate internet sales of ammunition and the possession of especially lethal types of ammunition. legislation that we are proposing does a number of things. i will go over them quickly. in makes possession of legal forms such as hollowpoint ammunition and military weapons illegal. requires that the police department maintain a list of brands and ammunition prohibited.
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-- in the wake of the tragic incident that occurred at sandy hook elementary school, the cities, states and now president of looking for ways to stem violence what. what took place in connecticut was not the only reason i began working on this legislation. oftentimes it takes a national tragedy to create significant among them and political pressure around the issue of gun violence. but, what is getting missed in these debates is that the reality is that these tragedies associated with gun violence take place every single day in our neighborhoods all across the country. i know all too well what this tragedy looks like. i experienced it every time every time i get a phone call in the middle of the night for the police department alerting me
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of another violent crime are shooting. families as they grieve. i experience it every time i go to san francisco general hospital to console the victims of gun violence, last year a victim as young as five years old. we continue to address the causes and impact of this senseless gun violence. increasingly involves young adults under the age of 25; often related to disputes over turf and status, fueled by the fact that it is too easy to obtain and possess military style weapons and hollowpoint ammunition. individuals such as doctor andre campbell, the head of
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surgery at san francisco general hospital, has given me firsthand accounts of the impact on the human body of hollow impact bullets. i believe the desire for us is elected officials is to take greater steps to implemenr solutions. -- i will like your knowledge the people here in support of this legislation. there are multiple conversations happening simultaneously here not only here in san francisco but also on the state level, i want the public to knowledge
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the work that assemblywoman nancy skinner, a democrat from berkeley, introduced assembly bill 48. bans of the manufacture and import of any device that fires 10 rounds or more at once. -- working on sb 53, requiring an annual permit, $50 each, which includes an annual background check. not only are we doing things at the local level in san francisco but also on a statewide level. to the best of my knowledge president obama will make a presentation to --
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vice president biden will make a presentation to the president next i would like to bring to your attention that on the imperative agenda i have a resolution commemorating the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation; many of you know that the emancipation proclamation was issued by president abraham lincoln, january 1, 1863. one of the most influential documents that declared all persons held as slaves within the confederate territory are here for and henceforth held free.
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i just want to go on record publicly acknowledging 150 years. that is quite an accomplishment. today's actually the 84th anniversary of doctor martin luther king's birth. many people know who doctor king was, a clergyman, activist, husband, father, the most prominent promoter of nonviolence and civil disobedience; he received the nobel peace prize in 1964 in recognition of his nonviolence. only we discussing assault weapons ban ammunitions but acknowledging that today would have been doctor martin luther king's 84th birthday, a very prolific activist.
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i would like to recognize and former city employee and decorated soldier mr. hillyer terry, born june 4, 1923. while attending college he was drafted to serve in world war ii; he served the united states army from 1943 to 1946 where he received an honorable discharge; he was awarded the american theater campaign medal; the eaim campaign medal with four bronze stars, good combat medal, world war ii victory medal. he was the city and county employee for 33 years and retired as a trusted supervisor for the san francisco municipal transportation agency.
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he leaves behind a wife as well as his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. i would like to also have an in memoriam, robert joseph carnalli, also known as rocky, as bobby, and too many as bob. a world traveler, and buddy to everyone. he graduated from sacred heart. he spent 18 months in seminary before getting his aa. he was in the police department for 30 years.
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closing for my memorial, we have and labor leader and soldier, robert james morgan, born in fort worth texas, april 7, 1929. he graduated from high school and his family moved in 1943. he served in the korean war. after his service he came back and started working in the united states post office; left that to become an insurance salesman, many years in that career and the golden gate insurance agency. he got a taste for union work while working on the negotiations team for the insurance workers of america. he was encouraged by calling of his to apply to the business management position to local 66a.
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he was the first african-american hired to head a union. 66a merge with local 400, and that merged to 790. he negotiated a number of city contracts and represented employees at discipline hearings. in 1992 he retired from 790. is a pleasure and privilege to recognize these outstanding members of san francisco and the service to our city and our county. in closing i also want to take a moment to do a personal note also on today january 15, 1967, and member the name of everett cohen, my father, was part of the squad doing a
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sweep to search out and destroy the enemy in vietnam. the squad was ambushed, my father was injured in the arm. a month before his twentieth birthday. later it turns out that he was participating in a historic military operation called operation cedar falls. thank you jeff for your service and acknowledged every man and woman who serves the military. and put their lives on the line. >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: a number of items. first of all regarding the shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. this was an unfathomable event.
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as a parent it hit so close to home that i am amazed i never imagined it and i have had a pit in my stomach ever since. 20 students, four for teachers and two administrators. i have a first grader. every day 34 americans are murdered with guns during president obama's final four years in office it is estimated that 40,000 americans will be killed with guns, the same amount of people killed in vietnam. says the shooting in arizona which killed six people including
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a nine-year-old and seriously injured than congresswoman-- as the city we should continue to lead the way to advocate for and pass policies that protect the general well-being of the society. today i am introducing two resolutions, supporting senator dianne feinstein's assault weapon legislation; and a resolution supporting the sandy hook promise, born out of the event that killed those 20 children, four teachers and two other distribution. assault weapons have been used in at least 459 incidents across the country. this resolution simply states adamant support for senator and feinstein's assault weapon regulatory act;
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affirms our support for gun-control and affirms protection for gun owners grandfathering the legal protections they had before. one month after the tragic shooting in sandy hook elementary -- we are committed to preventing tragedies from happening again the prophet .we want to make our country and our community safer for max of violence. my resolution declares our support for the sandy hook promise on behalf of the families and children of san francisco. we went to an event with former
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congresswoman kathy gifford, and her husband, -- and now retired judge feinstein read sandy hook promise i want to read this and to record. =-this is a promise to support our families, our neighbors, are own with education. this is a promise lives lost. to be open to all possibilities. there is no agenda other than to make our community a safer and better place. this is a promise. to have a conversation on all the issues. conversations where listening is as important as speaking. conversations were even those
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with the most opposing views can debate and goodwill. this is a promise. to turn the conversations to action things must change. this is a time. this is a promise. we make to our precious children because each human life is filled with promise and we continue to be filled with unbearable pain; we choose love, belief, hope instead of anger. this is a promise. to make everything in our part not as a place with victims but a place where real change can be made. our hearts are broken. our spirits are not. this is a promise. as a parent i have never had anything hit so close to home as it did the other day. the second item is a hearing at a different vein
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to discuss and have it public and open dialogue about the cleanliness of our streets and open spaces here in san francisco. recently media outlets and concerned residents have raised many issues regarding our city's overall cleanliness. actual cleanliness and the perception that the city is improving cleanliness overall is important to improve the quality of all the residents. as a world-class tourist destination is important -- the city is doing a lot. the department of public works is now being run by -- who is doing a great job and this is a chance of the doubt about what is happening. this hearing will renew dialogue about the steps the city is taking so the residents can enjoy the city all the time.
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-- and begin to restore the public faith that we are taking all action necessary to improve the quality of life in our city. the rest we will submit. >> supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i want to thank supervisor farrell for bringing up connecticut. we recessed before the incident happened. we were moved and saddened by what occurred. for the families i cannot imagine what they are still processing through. today we sent our support. i agree with supervisor farrell
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that has to be movement made on gun control, even here in the city of san francisco gun violence continues to pervade our communities as many of our colleagues have mentioned. we lose the lives of young people. we can benefit from a lot of that legislative change. on a different note, i submitted a request for a hearing regarding the training and skill development job placement of san francisco residents in the city's growing technology sector. supervisor farrell mention the city as a partner in the of the commitments it was unheard of by many of the tech companies, the same with tax exclusion that we also did on stock compensation
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was that tech companies were committed on working with the city of san francisco on hiring residents from many neighborhoods that don't have access to the growing technology sector whether it is the mission, tenderloin, south of market and western addition; and happy to have cosponsors breed, cohen, avalos - to see what it is that we can do to partner with our private tech sector to ensure that we are opening up and creating a pipeline of jobs whether it is for our students born and raised in san francisco who might not get the type of education to be competitive for these jobs; whether it is adults that i found themselves unemployed
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in an economy not doing well but need additional training for these jobs. what is it that we can do to partner with the mayor's office in our tech companies to develop programs that would address three different population needs so they can benefit from this growing sector? we have had a remarkable growth in the technology sector. i am proud that their here in san francisco and decided to call san francisco their home. we have seen the momentum in the midmarket area as twitter and yammer and -- have moved into the area. the most important thing is a job pipeline. we want to create jobs in the city but we want to make sure that we are also helping san francisco residents be able to attain those jobs as well. it is through many of these meetings
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the purpose of this hearing is to find out what is now occurring with the ssf tech program, we want to get a summary of the number and demographics of the participants the technology, and the number of trainees placed in employment. and the skills and training needed for workers to participate in the technology sector. i am excited about this hearing. i know many of us have been talking about it and to see what the progress is been thus far, and what outcome has been gained and what we hope the outcomes will be. it is important that we do this now and that we work together on this. i am excited to have this hearing in the next few months. thank you. the rest i submit. >> supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: i have one item. today i am introducing a
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hearing on san francisco's new enforcement of public meters on sunday. this important that data is tracked to ensure that the stated goals of the program are met. a critical question that keeps coming up for many san franciscans is that will businesses see more customer turnover or businesses will be pushed away? we need to know whether muni ridership goes up, and whether the mta is fulfilling the obligation to fully inform with multilingual outreach updating signage throughout the system. i look forward to a positive constructive and informational hearing that would provide an accurate portrait of this important change in san francisco. i did want to acknowledge after we honored pat townsend
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for her 23 years of service, she introduced charles higgins. a look forward working with him. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: i have one item today but i want to thank supervisor campos for his leadership around the airport issue. this is a challenging one. i am supportive of this charter amendment, honoring harvey milk, not just for lgbt people around the world but for everyone. it is challenging because there are a number of leaders in our city's past and even present worthy of this honor. i want to thank supervisor
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farrell for calling a hearing on city in open space cleanliness. this is an important issue. we have streets and sidewalks and the right-of-way and sidewalks. we don't have the resources to maintain them. if you don't happen to have neighbors nearby to do it it is not get done. it amazes me what they are able to do with such limited resources but they need more. last year's budget we were able to get some additional gardener and cleaner spots and crews from dpw, it was a lot harder to put that money into the budget than it should've been. rebuilding the department of public works capacity to do cleaning and gardening should not be
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controversial political issue. supervisor farrell, other colleagues on the budget committee, i look forward to to working with you to reverse some of the things we have seen in recent years. that will be a high priority for me. today i am introducing a hearing and model reporting request directed at the mta, and the controller. specifically to give good data consistent every month, month-to-month comparison from the mta, from the analytical support from the controller about muni's serious challenges, in the impact of those challenges on the economic

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